Our Vision

A consortium of organizations and stakeholders of the world working together for citizen safety and empowerment.

Our COVID Initiative

Providing safe contactless IRIS identification and COVID symptom detection to help organizations resume normal operations.

Perfect for Essential Industries

Designed specially for essential industries like healthcare, food, logistics, airports and even banking.

Completely Automated Solution

We take away the burden of manual temperature checks and keep workplaces and consumers safe.

Monitor and Generate Reports

Complete peace of mind with our attendance monitoring and reporting solution for workforce management.

Absolute Privacy and Data Safety

Using biometric scans to ensure personal data privacy and security at all times with highest standards of encryption.

Affordable payment structure

IRIS Identification service

  • 1 – 10 personnel: $ 49 / month
  • 11 – 50 personnel: $ 249 / month
  • 51 – 100 personnel: $ 499 / month

Biometric IoT device

  • Single device: $ 99 / month

Custom subscription and licensing fees are also available for larger organizations.

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International Recognition

We have received international acclaim and recognition for our research and technology

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Ready to do a pilot project?

We would love to hear your needs and how we can help you with our technology

Complete Data Autonomy

Using biometrics to create the ultimate data autonomous platform for people and organizations.

International Standards

Built on international interoperability and security standards including HL7, FHIR and HIPAA.

Distributed Ledger Technology

We created the next generation of health data exchange by leveraging disruptive and exponential technology.


  • Saves doctors precious time especially in emergencies.

    Prevents medical errors caused by patient misidentification.

    The solution deters fraud and identity thefts.

    Save millions lost due to denied claims and duplicate medical records.


  • Zero dependency on IDs or external identification mechanisms.

    Get rapid and secure access to medical records especially in emergencies.

    Have complete control over who can see or retrieve records.

    No need to maintain or carry big paper files for clinical records.

Patent pending Technology

A joint provisional patent with University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS)


  • Syed Abrar Ahmed

    Syed Abrar Ahmed


    Awarded outstanding entrepreneur from emerging economies. Personally driven to build healthcare solutions. Hyperledger Expert.

  • Zain Moosa

    Zain Moosa


    Serial entrepreneur. Project management and startup growth expert, Staffordshire University Graduate

  • Syed Rehan

    Syed Rehan uddin


    Exceptional full-stack web & mobile application developer. 5+ years of experience in Enterprise applications development (Healthcare)

  • Muhammad Taha

    Muhammad Taha


    Expert in platform automation and building infrastructure. Previously built a blood center automation and management platform.

Partners & Affiliations

Think of us as the intra bank technology (like VisaNet and UnionPay) but for digital health services and health data transfers among healthcare stakeholders

Liber Health

Liber Health is a health data exchange and patient identification platform powered by advance biometrics which allows healthcare stakeholders to share health information and identify patients using a biometric scans anywhere in the world.

General Inquiries

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